Its unique motions and sounds
give you a blissful moment.

GRAVIMORPH is a coined word combining two words : gravitation and morphology. It means "a substance that moves by gravity". When the combination (or encounter) of two simplified structures was affected by the power, it creates simple and unique movements and comfortable tones. Touch, feel and enjoy the beautiful motion and sound.


Gravity is the universal gravitation of the earth, which acts upon objects on the planet, causing them to fall toward the ground and to generate mass.


Morphology here is the study on the form and movements of objects. It views the shape and motion of things not only as numerical values, but also as phenomena.

We have developed GRAVIMORPH to bring a unique style from Japan to the world. The goal is to help you look at yourself, improve yourself, and heal your weary mind. It is especially recommended for the people, who are in their 30s and 40s. Amid the hard work you do for your family, society and daily life, we would like you to really cherish the time just for yourself. If you can enrich your own mind, it will be the first step to making everyone around you happy.



In February 2020, we won the "Trends 2020" award at the trade fair Ambiente winter 2020 held in Frankfurt, Germany. Our unique concept has been recognized in Europe. we are delighted to be chosen for this award. Thanks to everyone on the team for their cooperation.


In August 2019, we won the "destination: new" award at the trade fair NY NOW summer 2019 held in New York, USA.This is a proof that many people have recognized our concept. we are delighted to be chosen for this award.We would like to thank the Tsubamesanjo companies, staff, and Professor Higuchi for helping us win this award. Thank you so much.


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The history of the metalworking industry of Sanjo city dates back to the early Edo period (1603-1868) when farmers began making Japanese-style nails as their side business. Since then, the industry has greatly contributed to the development of Sanjo city. Currently, the city thrives as Japan's leading industrial center with over 300 metal processing companies, over 50 wood processing factories and various businesses mediating between them. Nozaki Limited has been engaged in metal processing in Sanjo city since 1902. The expert of metalworking met Kazunari Higuchi, a renowned Japanese designer, and their collaboration gave birth to GRAVIMORPH. Its unique motions and sounds bring about peace in your mind, and its simple and sophisticated design also adds to the luxury of your room. Enjoy the world of GRAVIMORPH, created by the combination of highly-skilled metal processing techniques and ingenious design concept.



KAZUNARI HIGUCHI is a professor at Aichi University of Education. He was born in Osaka prefecture, Japan, in 1964. He began to design a series of art works named GRAVIMORPH in 1987. He consecutively participated in the Japan National Woodcraft Exhibition from its first event held in 1988 to the seventh held in 1994 and won the grand prize, first prize and so on. In 1997, he concluded a license agreement with Neaf AG, Switzerland, and released two educational toys named Motus and Ellip in the world.