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SPINDLE featuring Sakamoto / Moss series

SPINDLE featuring Sakamoto / Moss series

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The Moss series is made-to-order. It takes about 3 months to produce. Also, customization is available.

There are two types of moss to choose from: Natural moss "Skandia-moss" or Artificial-moss. Both are maintenance free. Scandia-moss is a processed product, not a living plant.

We are pleased to announce the completion of our first collaboration with "nogaaru" Naomi Sakamoto, a moss artist based in Yamaguchi City, JAPAN. Based on the Premium series SPINDLE -Black-, this item is decorated with two types of moss.

Natural moss "Skandia-moss"

She added a soft forest image to the GRAVIMORPH, which is composed of simple straight lines and spherical surfaces in gentle colors. The fluffy, natural texture of moss blends with the intricate machined surface to create a unique and mysterious item. Instead of hiding all of the machined cross sections, she dared to leave some of them, expressing the imperfection (irregularity) that Japanese people have loved since ancient times.


The version using Artificial moss is an even more Japanese-inspired work. It is a work that evokes the traditional Japanese garden of ancient times.


A spindle-shaped ball was rolling down the slope with two walls on its either side, which gave birth to the concept of the piece. The ball goes down the slope little by little, hitting the walls and playing beautiful music.

A special black dyeing process is applied to the stainless-steel parts of the Black. The black dyeing process is very rare and is done using a special technique. Unlike painting or plating, this process gives each product its own unique appearance and allows you to enjoy its subtle changes.

The wood of the Black is made of walnut. The thickness of our pure walnut is extremely rare. The wood is carefully crafted by Tsubamesanjo's woodworkers using this precious wood.


Metal : Stainless Steel 304

Wood : Walnut

Moss : Scandia-moss or Artificial-moss

Size : W410×D130×H80mm 

Weight : 1800g 



  • Please use this product on a horizontal and flat place. Even a slight tilt can affect movement and sound.
  • This product can be disassembled metal parts and woodworking parts separately. Some parts require different surface treatments on the front and back, so be careful when assembling.
  • Metal black-dyed products are not the same finish due to the nature of the processing, and it changes with time.
  • Since natural wood is used, the grain and color are different.
  • This product is very delicate. Dropping or hitting this product may cause damage.
  • Do not use or leave this product in a hot place such as near a fire, a stove, in direct sunlight, or in a car under the hot sun.
  • If this product gets wet, immediately wipe off the moisture with a soft cloth.
  • Keep this product out of the reach of children.
  • Because each Scandia Moss is worked by hand, there is a margin of error from item to item. Scandia Moss is maintenance-free. Please avoid extremely dry areas or continuous exposure to the open air, as this will damage the Scandia Moss.



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