Q1: Why doesn't the ball move smoothly?

A1: Please place it on a horizontal surface. GRAVIMORPH's objects’ movement are affected even with a slight tilt.


Q2: Why does the ball sometimes fall out from the wooden base frame instead of fitting in the hole located in the fringe part of GRAVIMORPH?

A2: GRAVIMORPH's object is not designed to fall perfectly into the bottom hole each time. Please enjoy different and irregular movements every time.


Q3: Why doesn't a ball move regularly every time?

A3: GRAVIMORPH holds objects that enjoy irregular movements and sounds. It does not behave like regular machines or computers.


Q4: Over time, it becomes more difficult for stainless-steel parts to be disassembled from the wooden base. Why?

A4: GRAVIMORPH's Objects change over time. Moisture evaporates in the wood, and it changes little by little. This phenomenon occurs in any type of wood. Therefore, please keep the stainless-steel parts inserted in the wooden base of the object.


Q5: The stainless-steel parts have become dirty. How should I take care of it? 

A5: Gently wipe with a clean cloth. A type of cloth that wipes the glasses is recommended. Do not use soap or cleaning solution. 


Q6: After using it many times, the balls, rails, and wooden bases got scratched. Why? 

A6: There is no such thing as beautiful forever. The concept of GRAVIMORPH is to enjoy the changes of people, minds and things over time. It is natural that those scratches are made. Please enjoy the change over time. 


Q7: Black objects, the blackness has faded over time. why?

A7: Black is surface-treated with a special black dyeing process. This is similar to indigo dyeing on jeans, and the color changes over time. Please enjoy the change over time.


Q8: If user lose the ball, can user buy only the ball?

A8: Yes. Please contact us from the email address below.


Q9: Is it possible to repair scratches or damage to the object?

A9: Thank you for using it for a long time. Please contact us from the email address below. We will propose the best method. Some cases can be repaired and some cannot. We will do our best.


If you have any other questions, please contact us from the email address below.

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Last Update: October 2020