GRAVIMORPH is a portmanteau of two words, Gravitation and Morphology. Our product is one that brings together two simple items, that moves using the natural force that is gravitation, which leads to a unique but simple movement as well as a calming sound.

The GRAVIMORPH was born from a long held Japanese culture of healing, which we used to create a lifestyle item. Our aim is to bring a little bit of ZEN into your life, by creating an item that can help to bring a bit of relaxation into your everyday life.

This unique piece of art that we wish to bring to the rest of the world is the outcome of bringing together Japanese ideals with the precision tooling and machining that Japanese manufacturers are well known for.

New item DANCE

We are calling this new item the DANCE. This name comes from how the two circular pieces are connected together and dance as they move across the flat dancefloor-like board. As the pieces move, it looks like two lovers embracing in a loving dance.



A spindle-shaped ball rolls down the slope with two walls on either side, which gave birth to the concept of the piece. The ball goes down the slope little by little, hitting the walls and making beautiful tones.

This item has been the most popular item since its launch.



Please increase your skills through meditation.

The state in which the mind experiences maximum balance is called ZEN 禅; focused on the here-and-now, light and liberated. At work, at home, in everyday busy life, enjoy a moment to reset your mind.

  • Shishi-odoshi water games

    A water feature made out of bamboo, was originally used to keep deer and wild boar from to keep out of the fields. The Shishi-odoshi moves through the power of the water; the Motion appears to be constant, but is in fact erratic. In Japanese gardens they are very popular and their graceful movements and sounds create a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Wind chimes

    In the Heian period (794-1185) wind chimes were used by nobles to ward off evil and for divination. In the Edo period (1603-1868) wind chimes made of glass, which was very expensive at the time, were invented, which delighted people with their movement in the wind and their pleasant sound.

Premium series

The flagship model of GRAVIMORPH is the Premium Series.
It is the pinnacle of original design, the highest level of craftsmanship and special processing methods, and the use of high-grade wood.
Premium series is a high-class GRAVIMORPH-exclusive BOX that looks like a wooden box and is finished by pasting paper on a plate-shaped "paper" base (core material) with a thickness of 2 mm and finishing it with a V-cut process. best fits for special gifts.

Premium series

Moss series

We are pleased to announce the completion of our first collaboration with "nogaaru" Naomi Sakamoto, a moss artist based in Yamaguchi City, JAPAN.
The item is a premium series SPINDLE -Black- with "natural moss Skandia Moss" or "Artificial Moss".
All the MOSS series are made-to-order, so it takes about 3 months to ship. Customization is also available.

Moss series

Smile series

This new series will bring smiles to many people's faces by providing them with a unique and colorful daily life (on sale in December 2021). It comes in four colors: blue, red, yellow, and green.
The materials and shape of the premium series have been improved to achieve a reasonable price range.
Both metal and wood are processed by local craftsmen of the highest level.

Smile series


Kazunari Higuchi

He is a professor at Aichi University of Education. He was born in Osaka prefecture, Japan, in 1964. He began to design a series of art works named GRAVIMORPH in 1987. He consecutively participated in the Japan National Woodcraft Exhibition from its first event held in 1988 to the seventh held in 1994 and won the grand prize, first prize and so on.

Time to Relax

Fascinated to see and hear GRAVIMORPH; there is a meditative break. At work, at home, in the busy everyday life, enjoy a moment to reset your thoughts. A pleasant moment of contemplation.
GRAVIMORPH is a unique handicraft object whose idea, design and manufacturing technique originate from Japan.

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  • Gift Wrapping

    Our shop bag is simple and has a sophisticated design with as few ads as possible. Our wrapping paper and shop bags are also produced in locally.

  • Promotion

    The premium series is available in a set of 2 or 4 objects at a special price with a price advantage of 20-25% for you.



Trends 2020 / Ambiente 2020

In February 2020, we won the "Trends 2020" award at the trade fair Ambiente winter 2020 held in Frankfurt, Germany. Our unique concept has been recognized in Europe. we are delighted to be chosen for this award. Thanks to everyone on the team for their cooperation.

destination: new / NY NOW 2019

In August 2019, we won the "destination: new" award at the trade fair NY NOW summer 2019 held in New York, USA.This is a proof that many people have recognized our concept. we are delighted to be chosen for this award.We would like to thank the Tsubamesanjo companies, staff, and Professor Higuchi for helping us win this award. Thank you so much.

Customer Reviews

Abbot Sato, Saimyoji Temple, Japan

A world without quid pro quo is beautiful. From the intentionality, it is gravity. Surrender to sight and hearing.

physicsfun, USA

Gravimorph Spindle: an example of the subtle yet intricate kinetic art of Kazunari Higuchi whose work always features unintuitive motion of uniquely shaped objects coupled with an intriguing audio experience- and powered only by the transformation of gravitational potential energy to the kinetic energy of motion. This version of his work is offered as a precision made and high-end desk toy via GRAVIMORPH of Nozaki Limited.


Yoga teacher, Female, Japan

I use it when I need to concentrate.
It is recommended to use it at the right time to get things started.

CEO, Female, 40s, Japan

GRAVIMORPH is the greatest RE-SET item of mine.
When I wonder, think and divagating,,,GRAVIMORPH makes me switch my mind in less than 30 seconds.
I'm always having this with my important timing.
Highly recommend!

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