Japanese Craftsmen

Made in Sanjo JAPAN

The history of the metalworking industry of Sanjo city dates back to the early Edo period (1603-1868) when farmers began making Japanese-style nails as their side business. Since then, the industry has greatly contributed to the development of Sanjo city. Currently, the city thrives as Japan's leading industrial center with over 300 metal processing companies, over 50 wood processing factories and various businesses mediating between them. Nozaki Limited has been engaged in metal processing in Sanjo city since 1902. The expert of metalworking met Kazunari Higuchi, a renowned Japanese designer, and their collaboration gave birth to GRAVIMORPH. Its unique motions and sounds bring about peace in your mind, and its simple and sophisticated design also adds to the luxury of your room. Enjoy the world of GRAVIMORPH, created by the combination of highly-skilled metal processing techniques and ingenious design concept.


GRAVIMOROH is produced by the many craftsmen in Tsubamesanjo, one of Japan's leading manufacturing areas. The best artisans use both manual and mechanical processes at a high level. It is an object created purely by simple processing techniques "cutting", "shaving", and "polishing".

Polishing Process

The simpler the process, the more important it is for an artisan to have the technical skills. We are a group of artisans who thoroughly pursue the simplest process of "polishing", to beautifully and finely polished metal.

Black Dyeing Process

The black dyeing process for stainless steel is very rare and is done using a special technique. Unlike painting or plating, each product has its own unique surface thanks to its incomparable process.



The wood of the Black is made of walnut. The thickness of our pure walnut is extremely rare. The wood is carefully crafted by Tsubamesanjo's woodworkers using this precious wood.
The wood of the Silver is made from hard maple. You can enjoy the beautiful white grain of its wood texture.