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DANCE / Premium series

DANCE / Premium series

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This name comes from how the two circular pieces are connected together and dance as they move across the flat dancefloor-like board. As the pieces move it, it looks like two lovers embracing in a loving dance.

The stainless-steel part of the Silver is elegantly polished to reduce lustre. All polishing processes are done by hand and you can feel the high level of skill of Tsubamesanjo's artisans.

Two types of wood are available.
Walnut or Mountain-Cherry Blossoms
Both are made of solid wood with beautiful grain. Solid wood of this thickness is particularly rare.
Mountain-Cherry Blossoms is native to Japan and is now a very rare wood. It is characterized by its smooth and lustrous grain.. The use of Mountain-Cherry Blossoms makes it possible to make everything from materials to processing and packaging entirely in Japan.

Metal : Stainless Steel 304

Wood : Walnut or Mountain-Cherry Blossoms

Size : W350×D60×H65mm

Weight : 1500g



Please use this product on a horizontal and flat place. Even a slight tilt can affect movement and sound.
This product can be disassembled metal parts and woodworking parts separately. Some parts require different surface treatments on the front and back, so be careful when assembling.
Metal black-dyed products are not the same finish due to the nature of the processing, and it changes with time.
Since natural wood is used, the grain and color are different.
This product is very delicate. Dropping or hitting this product may cause damage.
Do not use or leave this product in a hot place such as near a fire, a stove, in direct sunlight, or in a car under the hot sun.
If this product gets wet, immediately wipe off the moisture with a soft cloth.
Keep this product out of the reach of children.

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